Kingdom Group Holdings

Corporate History

Kingdom Group Holdings currently has four divisions:

  • Kingdom Cats Ltd

  • Kingdom Properties

  • Diamond Ridge Limited Partnership

  • Sunshine Promotions

Kingdom Group Holdings started with Kingdom Cats Ltd., which was incorporated November 2, 2005. The corporation is owned and operated by Jason King. Kingdom Cats Ltd. started out as a small maintenance company and has now become a regional leader of equipment, maintenance and construction solutions.

From 2005 – 2012, the primary business activity of Kingdom Cats Ltd. was oilfield maintenance. Jason decided to diversify, and Sunshine Promotions was purchased in December 2012. Sunshine Promotions continues to be a promising division of Kingdom Group Holdings, with offices in Lac La Biche and St. Albert offering custom promotional items to business, non-profits and sports teams.

In August 2013, Kingdom Properties was added to the Kingdom family. This division of the corporation deals primarily with land development and leasing. Kingdom Properties has 3 current rental contracts in the Conklin, Alberta area.

Diamond Ridge Limited Partnership was formed to create an affordable residential development in the hamlet of Lac La Biche. It began in August 2013, with the purchase of 220 acres of land overlooking Lac La Biche lake. The planning and surveying of the development has been completed and the initial clearing phase is in its final stages. Water and sewer lines are being prepared for installation.

Jason and Rhonda King

Jason and Rhonda King are both well respected members of the Northern Alberta communities they live and conduct business in. With the success of their corporation, they have continued to support the area through event donations, fundraising efforts, community projects and municipal development. They are both positive role models in the Aboriginal community, showing pride and respect to their heritage.

Kingdom Group Holdings has been a contributing asset to the local economy with the creation of steady and long term employment opportunities and the ongoing business and development in the area.